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Free 7 Age Games

In this football championship you will have to choose a football team that you will compete with and then you have to score as many goals as possible to ensure your victory.Use the mouse to play this game.
Baby Emma has moved into a new house and she needs to decorate her room. She wants to be joyful colorful and pink mainly. Use your imagination and arrange the furniture in a nice manner put all her toys and books then invite her friends to show them her new fantastic game. Use the mouse to play this awesome room decoration game.
Craving for delicious icecream We have all the ingredients all you need to do is mix them and decorate your cupcake as you wish. Have tons of fun preparing a yummy icecream with all your favorite flavors. Use the mouse to play this nice cooking game.
Sneak kisses with Spidermans girlfriend in the city Hang from above and plant upsidedown kisses on Mary Jane. Drain the Kiss Meter as quickly as possible to earn extra points. Avoid getting caught by the Green Goblin to stay alive
Play backgammon with very strong opponents practice throwing the dice and test your luck. You must move the pieces only after a deep thought strategy and you will for sure defeat your opponent.Use your mouse to give the dice and move pieces
Find the missing cards in each room You must scour through messy areas to locate all of the standard playing cards. You can move cameras fruit bowls and other objects to find the items lurking underneath. Reveal enough cards to play solitaire
Race through a crazy city course as Spiderman Drive over steep hills through valleys and on hightech platforms. Collect Spidey logos for points and stay upright to avoid explosions. Rev up Spidermans motorcycle and race through each level quickly for maximum points
Catch all types of realistic fish on a sunny beach This water spots game features bass trout snappers tuna and sharks. You can hook several different rubber fish worms and bait to your line. Cast out far and catch the biggest fish possible
Scooby and Shaggy are part of a new adventure they traveled to Guatemala to find the Jews pepper and cook with him the most delicious chili in the world.Click NEW GAME use the arrow keys to move SPACE to collect and act found objects T to switch objects found P to put the game on pause S to save the game and saved game to load
Remove the pyramid of cards by matching special pairs 13 is the magic number with Aces valued at 1 Kings at 13 Queens at 12 and Jacks at 11. Play with a variety of colorful ancientthemed decks of cards. Remove pairs whose sum equals 13 to win
Mahjong parts are strategically placed to put you to a test of speed testing your spirit of observation and memory. Remove as many identical parts in a very short time to move to a higher level.Use your mouse to mate pieces
Group the cards in descending order alternating the colors. This is a very exciting solitaire game that tests your spirit of observation and memory. To win you have to finish the whole pack of cards.Use your mouse to play solitaire
Go bowling with your girlfriend and play a perfect game This ball sports challenge features a cartoon alley. The objective is to knock down all 10 pins in each frame. Set the curve and spin of your toss and try to bowl a strike
Find secret numbers in a 3D image of Barbie and friends This artwork challenge features 15 hidden numbers. Your job is to reveal every camouflaged digit in the picture. You can use a magnifying glasses to help you find all 15
Line up your bowling ball and roll it down the aisle for a strike This realistic ball sports game features authentic spin and gravity. The objective is to knock down all 10 pins in each frame. Play a game against yourself or challenge a friend
In this game Aladdin needs you to help him find the treasure from the depths. Play this game from the famous series of games with Aladdin and his magic lampClick START then SKIP STORY to begin. Left click will collect items that will help solve the mystery of the treasures from the depths.
Choose one of the available monster truck in the garage and embark on a mission to destroy everything in your way be it cars boxes or explosives. Pass over them without care.up accelerator brake down leftright bending SPACE to jump
Clear castle towers of cards in each round Play cards of one value lower or higher than the discard pile. Plan each move carefully and set yourself up for a combination of moves. Earn a bonus by playing all cards as quickly as possible
You have to prove once again your amazing driving skills with your motorcycle Compete with other players on this great tracks and win the races to upgrade your bike and beat your oponents easyer Good luckUse arrow keys to balance and drive your bike
Help Mario jump from pipe to pipe to collect star coins and arrive faster to his beloved princess. Use the mouse to move Mario. Have fun
Due to heavy snowing in the past few days Santa lost the gifts by snow drifts with his sleigh. Try to collect all the snowcovered gifts so all the children in the world can have a Merry Christmas.Use your mouse to find gifts
Animal outfits will always be a means of entertainment for both your dog and you. Have fun with your puppy by making him wear various clothes and accessories.Use your mouse to dress up puppy
Be very careful because the pin ball moves very fast and if youre not careful you will lose the game.Accumulate as many points by hitting the strategic objectives.Use arrow keys to move the two bars pinball
If you are a big fan of snooker then this game is for you. Come and play it with pleasure. You have the opportunity to show that you are a perfect player once you put all the balls into the table pockets.Press PLAY then choose to play as a beginner. After you terimina levels beginner to advanced can pass.
Sarah finished teaching you how to cook and now its time to give your final exam.First you must attend one class and then youll need to be careful how you use your memory to successfully pass the exam and get high grades.Use your keyboard to play this game.
Join the most fascinating race in the world and start competing against other 60 skilled drivers.If you have what it takes then you will be the winner of this race and you will become the champion.Do your best to arrive at the finish line in the first place.Use the Arrows or the keys A W S D to drive and Ctrl Shift SPACE or X to use your boost.
If you ever thought about getting proffesional driving licence now is your time.Use this games to train yourself how to drive a big truck.Use your keyboard to play this game.
Investigate which items were stolen Make a good impression to advance through the ranks of the police force. A perfect badge can be earned only if you dont use the hints provided in each scenario. Monitor your inventory to find hidden objects
Charger horse fell into the hands of evil men who want to be making money with him. But hes a smart horse and wants to escape to return to his owners. Help him escape and get back home.Click PLAY to start. Use your mouse and click the left click to collect objects and clues to help the horse find the way to freedom.
This mystery house has so many objects inside But we only need some of them Can you help me find the desired objectsUse mouse to find the hidden objects
Remove printed card that have identical symbols symbols of Asian mythology. Pay attention to the distance between identical cards because only the closest can be paired.Use your mouse to remove cards
Match 3 candy of the same colour to crush them.Matching 4 or 5 in different formations generates special sweets that are extra sweet.You can also combine the power candy for additional effects by switching them to each other so if you have time left you may want to save the best sweets for later.Try this combinations for a taste you will not forget.Use the mouse to crush the candies then combine them to get bigger and powerfull candy explosions.
Try to find each number hidden in the most unexpected places in different pictures. The bright colors of the image will put you in difficulty.Use your mouse to reveal numbers
Help Masha find all the hidden numbers on her list. Use the clues or your observation skills to find all the numbers hidden in the yard. Have fun and good luck
Choose your opponent between a boy or a girl who play in this great game.After you choose you are ready to start playing this game for kids.Bowling is a challenging game in which you will find yourself playing against kids who are actually very good at this.Use the mouse to play this game.
You must show how good you are at playing football and show them that you defeat any football team with your team.Prove them that you are righfully qualified in this tournament.1 head 2 volley 3 foot and move the player to the arrows.
Solve mysteries on a journey through Amsterdam You will be challenged to seek and find clues in each location. Use your detective skills to locate helpful items including a flashlight compass and brochure. Discover the curse of the Amsterdam diamond
Dive deep into the ocean and look for missing numbers There are 15 hidden values in each scene. You have a limited amount of time to gather all of the digits. In Finding Dory Hidden Numbers 10 incorrect clicks will lower your score
You are sent on a very dangerous mission to eliminate a group of terrorists. Set your target and shoot terrorists mercilessly with supplied ammunition and communicate with the antiterrorist team you joined.Use the mouse to target click Close 12 change weapon zoom W S zoom back in SPACE reload
Youre on a real battlefield and between you and helicopter rescue stands thousands of zombies that will slow you down. Start with the supplied car and every day improve your car and buy weapons with money accumulated.up accelerator brake down leftright bending X speed
Find all of the numbers hidden in images of Barbie This girls game begins with a bright colorful picture of Barbie and her winged horse. You must find all of the numbers that are skillfully blended into the artwork. Use the magnifying glass to reveal each digit
Practice your bowling skills at a virtual tenpin alley First you will choose a cool pair of bowling shoes. Then you can grab a colored ball from the rack. Aim each shot perfectly set your spin and go for a strike
Chemistry Lab is the perfect opportunity to kiss your girlfriend for the first time. Be very careful and make sure that the teacher will not notice your kiss and do not waste more time because even colleagues are enthusiastic about to kissing girlfriend
Wanna change your hairstyle and dont know what to choose Get inspired by this lovely princess advice and impress everybody with a fabulous hairdo. Use the mouse to play this nice game.
Ana was busy all day in the kitchen and she didnt see all the mess she made The day is over and now she needs to clean up Can you help her to finish fasterUse mouse to clean all the mess
Race across obstacle courses in the forest This dirt bike game challenges you to motor over tree stumps log bridges and abandoned trucks. Your goal is to complete all 15 levels in record time. Become a motocross champion in Trial Lumber Park
Barbie is a spy working for secret agency. This morning she got an urgent mission. Help Barbie get ready for the mission asap. You should help her clean hair brush teeth apply makeup and get dressed. After the mission she was a mess. Help her clean up everything and repair her broken shoes. Have fun work with Spy Barbie
Oh no Zombies come into the world of Mario Princess is in danger Mario Be quick Shoot them The world is depending on you
Help Mario And Luigi to collect all coins and reach to the finish. Mario can shoot Luigi can collect coins. New 15 Levels in this funny adventure game Have Fun
Princess Aurora is turning 16 soon and wants to look great at her sweet 16 party thus she has come to your salon for a relaxing spa makeover. Start by scrubing her face then apply a cleanser to get rid of all impurities followed by a moisturizing cream. Brush her looks with a beautiful makeup choose a gorgeous princess dress accessorized nicely. Use the mouse to play this lovely game.
The little tractor Pink is a new acquisition for this girl. She bought toys that she will move from place to place depending on her preferences on the playground. Be careful not to lose any toy on the road.up accelerator brake down leftright bending SPACE trailer released
Craving for a yummy turkey hamburger Join our masterchef and learn to make a delicious turkey hamburger in this awesome game following easy steps and having fun. Use the mouse to play this nice cooking game.
Send colored balls near the ones of the same colour to remove them from the screen. Remove as many balls as possible and accumulate as many points.Use the mouse direction click launches the ball
Another day at school and Clara feels really bored so she entartaines herself with different activities while the teacher is writing on the blackboard. Help her finish them in time before the teacher turns around and punishes her. Use the mouse to play this fun game. Enjoy
This game can be played multiplayer so you can invite your friends to play together. Choose the location where you want to play and try to knock down the enemy castle or your friends castle against whom you play with a catapult SuccessPLAYER choose option 1 if you want to play against the computer or option 2 PLAYERS if you want to play against a friend. Choose your favorite castle and start fighting. Use your mouse to set the target and left click to choose your weapon and shoot.
Race through the sleet and snow to claim the championship title This 3D racing game puts you onto some of the most intense and slick courses in the world. Customize your exotic car and speed through each curve to blaze past your opponents
Industrious Tiana wants to open a huge restaurant in the city. She toils for that round the clock. As she desired she has built a restaurant and going to open it tomorrow. On the other hand.
Find hidden objects in each picture of the Monster High gals Your only objective is to reveal every object that doesnt belong. Examine their creepy attire and monstrous surroundings carefully to locate concealed treasures. You will be penalized for guessing incorrectly
Drop these triple ball groups to pile them up. Each time 3 balls will be given and you can rotate or move them before dropping them to the group to pile them up. When 4 or more balls of the same colour are connected the balls will disappear
Gather magical ingredients to create a lifesaving potion This platform game sends you on a challenging journey in a mysterious world. Without light there is no life. You must collect and mix the correct items to advance. Get permission from the elders to access locked areas
Phoenicia settlement during ancient times became famous for the jewels and precious stones. Discover the mysteries of the world by joining a fun jewelry search.Use your mouse to join jewels
Their love is believed by some to be impossible but Fireboy and Watergirl do not care their love will defeat every obstacle. Help Fireboy reach her beautiful love in this awesome game by pointing exactly at her. Use the mouse and space bar to play this great game.
You are the pilot of a plane and you fight against a russian plane that is threatening to open fire again your comrades.You are the most skilled pilot around here so they are all counting on you.Do not disappoint them.Use either mouse or keyboard to control the plane.Press left mouse button or crtl to fire with machine guns or drop bombs.Tab switches between normal cam and bomb cam.
Throw the dice and try your luck in a fun game of backgammon that will capture your attention no matter what your condition is. Think logically before you move the pieces on the board and try to win.Use your mouse to play backgammon
You are head of department at the unit fire in New York City.A big accident just took place on the streets send as soon as possible ambulances and fire crews and the scene and direct them accordingly to situation.use the mouse to direct fire
An interesting game of mahjong with lots of mysteries waiting for you to discover them. Sure youll be captivated by this game when using strategy and logic thinking to solve each stage. SuccessPress PLAY then OK to start. Use your mouse and click and left click at the same level identical parts to make them disappear and score points.
Use hidden gems to create the ultimate garden This seek and find game puts you on a beautiful mansion property. Your goal is to make the garden as beautiful as possible. You can build elements which will filter rain and keep the guests happy
Find hidden items in each iconic movie scene Search the filmstrips to discover mysterious secrets regarding the history of cinema. In some snippets you will be asked to spot the differences between 2 nearly identical reels. Use your detective skills to become a movie master
Play with the best professional players a game of pool.Have fun and play pool in two with the great masters of pool game.Use the mouse to play this game.
To throw the perfect ball you should aim at the aligned pins.You must make the throw without passing on the line on the track and if you step on it you will get foul.Use the mouse to play this game.
You will receive 5 lives and you have to try not to lose them.You have to avoid obstacles fences and other vehicles.Whenever you hit something you lose a little bit of life but if you pass 5 levels youll get a bonus life.Use the mouse to play this game.
Become a professional bass fisherman You will be challenged to lure and reel in a specific quota of fish into your boat. Due to the limited amount of fuel you must bait nearby species. Pull hard on the line after each bite
The Hobo Brawl was caught and sent to prison. However as you well know you can only help him to fight with inmates and guards.Start creating a name for the Brawl in prison and make the prisoners tremble when they see him.Click Start choose game difficulty. Use arrow keys to move and the direction key A key to punch and S to kick. As you advance in the game you get different bonuses that will help you diversify fighting combinations.
Challenge your friends to a rally on snow and show them youre the best You are very passionate about vintage cars so it will be a very interesting race Have funClick PLAY GAME Watch the instructions that appear and then click orunde left click to start the race. Machine automatically goes you just have to find them the right path with the mouse. Collect bounusurile appeared to put more speed
Hi Im the farmer of this lovely horse farm Here I spend all my time taking care of these beautiful and intelligent horses Plus I love playing and taking long rides with them Would you like to learn how things are going here Maybe you decide to stay and help me after all
You just joined the U.S. rally and you only need to get gold medals to earn money and to make yourself noticed by other drivers.Good luckUse your keyboard to play this game.
A typical action game with Mafia members. You are part of a mafia clan and you have to use your weapon to knock down as many mobs and take control of the entire city.Click NEW GAME then PLAY to start the game. Use your mouse to set the target and left click to shoot. As you advance the game will become more difficult so be careful not to get killed.
Flappy this little pony through all obstacles and be careful not to hit them. Get the highest score and challenge your friends to play this fun game.Use the mouse and keyboard to play this fun game.
The airport is directed from the control tower and because traffic is heavy you have to be very careful where you park or intersect the plane without any intervention from runway track car.Use arrow keys to park the plane
Many childred think that PSY forgot how to dance the Gangnam style dance.You have to make sure that Psy still knows how to dance so you have to make the dance steps when noone is watching.If you are seen by someone you lose a life.Use the mouse to play this game.
Hawaiian jungle is where an extraordinary competition is held. Bowling balls in the middle of palm trees and wild pets are the main attraction.You have to be the winner of the game if you want to get the title of the most skilled tourist.SPACE sets the direction and power throw
An interesting game of mini golf in which you have to hit the golf ball to overcome obstacles and to score. Hit the golf ball as well as you can 21to be able to defeat your opponents. This game can be played and doubles with a friend.Use mouse to play the game of golf.
Pick up and deliver large containers with your crane This truck game challenges you to transport heavy boxes containing valuable goods. You must find the correct container and lift it with your crane. Then drop off the container at the marked spot
You have a big cargo to deliver with your truck and you are already late Find a good parking space and show your parking skills without damaging your truck or cargoGood luckUse arrow keys to drive your truck and space to handbrake
Make a quick meal for you and your friends.As the chef you have all responsibility on you to feed them.Choose from the many ingredients and start cooking a delicious burger.Use the mouse to prepare this delicious burger.
Sarah tries to help you cook this delicious red cake.You can enjoy the great cake made by Sarah if you follow her instructions. Do exactly how she tells you to and you will find that you cooked the best cake.Use the mouse to play this game.
Bongo is a funny monkey that replaces the famous Zuma frog.Try to group at least three balls of the same color to get rid of them and when you get to have no ball left you will get to the next level.Use the mouse to play this game
Today you will be Barbies personal hairdresser and you will get to play with her hair however you want.If you want you can even paint it.You have at your disposal 32 colors to choose from.Do your best to make Barbie look amazing.Have funUse the mouse to choose beween the tools at your disposal in order to make Barbie look stunning.
Heavy trucks participate in an international competition held in your hometown. Start engine power and get the best time being first at the finish line.up accelerator brake down leftright bending
First choose your turbo truck and then go to the betting office and win some money.With the money earned after every level you can increase you engine power or even buy a new truck.Use your keyboard to play this game.
In this game you have to play head to head. Try to keep the ball in the air as much as possible without falling on the sand.Use your keyboard to play this game.
For this national team you are the best free kick striker. Score more goals and make the other teams to tremble in front of you.Use the mouse to play this game.
I love Emma Watson and i am sure you love her too Show the world how much you love and admire her and prove everybody in this quiz how much you know about herUse mouse to choose the correct answer
If you like very much games with tractors then you should know that Tractor Mania is the newest game of its kind a game of tractors with trailers where you have to tow other tractors machinery and equipment merchandise and various other things. You drive the tractor and have to do it very well. Watch the cars trailed they are not supposed to be damaged at all. You can choose from several different performance tractors.With the arrow keys drive the tractor.
Beautiful Barbie simply adores taking amazing selfies Whether she just woke up she is doing some shopping or just wants to get a cute picture Barbie is always up for a challenge. In our brand new dress up game called Barbies Selfie Makeup Design you are going to act as Barbies personal makeup artist because she has just started her own fashion blog. Barbie wants her first photo on the blog to be a selfie and that is why she has come to you for help. Have fun
All glamorous and beautiful this kitty monster needs high maintenance to keep her looking stunning. Meet her in the backstage booth for a full spa session in Catty Noir Real Makeover. This sophisticated makeover will teach you a celebritys secret when it comes to beauty tips and makeup. You can also choose Cattys dress hairstyle and microphone for tonights concert Meow
Save innocent shoppers from stickman terrorists Work as a gunslinging police officer and shoot every stickman in the mall. Protect innocent victims by preventing any further attacks You have an unlimited supply of ammo shoot often and slay every stickman
Prepare the model for a runway show This colorful fashion game puts you in control of a stylist. You can dress the model in all sorts of different clothes hairstyles and jewelry. Combine different colors and styles to create the ultimate ensemble
Perform wild BMX stunts on street courses You are challenged to flip through the air and execute amazing tricks for points. As you advance you will unlock new bikes with custom modifications. Maintain your balance to avoid hitting the pavement
Drive a supercharged tractor across deadly courses This racing game will challenge your ability to climb hills and leap over gaps. The objective is to complete each mountain course as quickly as possible. Choose your tractor based on speed color and origin