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Free 2 Play Games

You can play Candy Crush in your browser for free. The popular mobile game Candy Crush makes it online to your browser Yummy Look at all of that candy
You can play Beach Kiss in your browser for free. You and your girl friend are trying to kiss on beach without getting noticed by other people. Just hold down your mouse to keep kissing as long as you can.
Race towards the finish line on 3D mountain courses Your powerful motorbike can reach speeds of 200 mph. You must avoid the skull emblems in each track to finish in first place. Cruise through the star powerups for a giant speed boost
Drive your bigrig truck all the way across America You will steer an 18wheeler to designated locations in each level. Speed past other vehicles and pedestrians without crashing into anything. Improve your driving skills to complete each mission in record time
Manhattan has its own philosophy of life and you know it And thats why it has its own dressing style as well. Its not that complicated you just need to do your best to have a personal kind of appearance something that would define you something that would be yours and yours only Do you think its hard Take a look at this gorgeous girl and her amazing wardrobe cause she knows just how to do it Watch and learn girls Or better play and learn
You can play Amercian Soldier in your browser for free. American Soldier is a shooting 3D game where you will run in to a village infested with waves of enemies that you have to kill with your weapons. To keep advancing in the game kill all enemies on time. Earning points for the total score and rank high if you can.
Drive through the city to escape from the police You must steer like a professional racer to evade the cops. Listen to your partner for directions and make tight turns to dodge roadblocks. Complete all 10 city locations to get away with the cash
You have to execute a freekick over the wall and into the goal. Do your best to shoot a goal from different distances and angles.
We know that football is a game so now you guys a chance to show your friend that you can win at any time at the football game you just decided to play it
You can play Rapid Gun 2 in your browser for free. Rapid Gun 2 is a sequel to the fastpaced counter strike like shooting game. Fire your weapon at enemies as fast as possible before they can take you out. Much fun ArrowsWASD Move Mouse AimShoot.
You can play Winter Bus Driver in your browser for free. Play Winter Bus Driver the first installment of the funaddicting driving game. As a bus driver you have a responsible position you must pick up passengers and take them to their destination in time. Because its snowing outside you have to be really careful to avoid crashing your giant vehicle.
Drag the pieces to complete a mosaic puzzle of Red and Green Hulk The two superheroes are in the throes of battle. You must reveal the finished image which is reminiscent of movie posters and comic book pages. View the background to see where missing pieces fit
Vinnies crew is at the top of the Most Wanted List Work with the Italian Mafia and take down the Yakuza gang in Chicago. Take control of the stickman assassin once again and shoot to kill Go into stealth mode and restore justice in the underground
Choose these football games online with many passing shots on goal and intelligent show that coach does his job and is not paid a lot of money for results
Play soccer in this championship and try to prove that you are skilled player and you will score lots of goals.
Help a young beautiful and brave archer warrior to dress up proper for the battle. Choose her costume hair color make up and the color of weapons and make her ready to ride the horse next to her in the battle Have fun
Be ready for action. Choose your favorite bike run and see if you can get the highest speed at this race. Be the best and win the race that will give 3D power and adrenaline. Have fun
Pass the group stage and show what you can do for the world championship this year all the football players are ready.
Debbie is a young detective who faces with all kind of people and cases every day. Dress her up for a new working day with proper outfit Enjoy
You can play Pou Back Home in your browser for free. Mr.Pou was trapped in the dangerous forest. To back home he needs to overcome some difficulties. It is not an easy adventure Good luck
Defeat the undead uprising to protect your kingdom Dark times have fallen upon human civilization. Now you must visit the deserted border towns and find viable defensive towers. Brave locals are available to help you protect the land. Hire and train additional guards from the taverns
This is the famous world football cup where you need to play football in order to win this football competion.Show your skills as a football player and win the game.
Jeep online game for tunning passionates that love to race in a Jeep classic tunning.Race now and earn points.
When going to the prom you must look simply dazzling. When going for the New Years Party as well. Now just imagine what happens when these two already glamorous events are combined Its two for one in one sparkling evening... but with just one dress and just one pair of shoes How can we handle this girls Can we face the pressure Of course we can And were gonna do it with style... Fabulous style that is
Piece together a How to Train Your Dragon 2 jigsaw puzzle You can unscramble a famous picture from the DreamWorks movie. Experienced puzzle solvers will enjoy playing with 40 pieces. For an easier victory solve the puzzle with 20 larger pieces
Charge your Volt Couple during the electric racing tournament You can drive near other vehicles to charge your own engine. The first few races are on the outskirts of the city. Spend your winnings on better battery power electric boost and induction. Win from the desert to the mountains
Baby Hazel wants to help her mom make vegetable soup and pureed apples Arrange the cooking utensils and follow the recipe to assist Hazel in the kitchen. You will finish by organizing the plate of food. Feed the meal to Hazel
Youve just robbed a bank together with your partner and now the police is trying to catch you. You have to drive your red muscle car in the city and try to escape police. You have to get to the place marked on the map to get to the next level. Your partner will help you with instructions sometimes. The game has 10 challenging levels that will test your driving skills.
The best football game just ariveit is one of the ultimate football games A game where you will be impressed from the beginning by all the cheering and screaming of the crowds you will see in the arena and on the field.
Put your skills together and try to finish this awesome new game called Railway Dash Parking. You have to park your car in some crowded parking areas and also avoid obstacles and not hit your car. You must pay lots of attention when you drive over the railway because there are trains that pass often. This game offers you 53 parking spots in 20 intense levels. After level 4 9 and 14 you are able to unlock other cars with more powerful engines.Follow the arrows and find the parking spot that also indicates which way you must park your car. Be the best driver online and win this.
A fun an exciting game of baseball that you need to try right now Homerun Mania Game will keep you in your seat until you get to the finish. Although you play baseball games online Homerun Mania Game makes you feel like you are doing it in real life.
You can play Grand Theft Shooter in your browser for free. Play as a grand theft in this game. Shoot with accuracy and speed to kill all opponents in each level.
Solve a tile puzzle featuring Spiderman and his true love Draw hexagonal pieces individually and find the correct spots. Use the backdrop for hints and match all pieces in their correct spaces. When youre done take a picture of Spiderman and his girlfriend
You can play Age Of Japan in your browser for free. Age of Japan is a challenging match three game that is distinguished by unique graphics and dominated by oriental motifs
The War field is full of enemy soldiers tanks and trucks. All of your provision is a tank equipped with the highest caliber ammunition. Eliminate enemies on the ground and planes.
You can play Dentist Slacking in your browser for free. After eating all those sweets during the holiday season Sarah needs to go visit the dentist pronto The dentists can be a really scary experience but not for Sarah she just finds it boring. Can Sarah brush up a little fun whilst getting her teeth cleaned or will she be left with a sour taste in her mouth
Use your favourite new towers the Dartling Gun and the Spike Factory in this awesome expansion pack for BTD4. Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion contains 4 brand new crazy fun tracks for you to try out. Mesmerise yourself on the Sandy Spiral Track get lost in the Subterrainian Sewers explore the secrets of the Monkey Temple or challenge your wits on the Triangle of Insanity This expansion also includes a new game mode called Deflation mode. You start Deflation mode with 50000 money but you never get any more. Finally we have included Tower Specialties which you will unlock after completing the new tracks in various difficulty levels. The specialties allow you to customize your strategy by making some towers much cheaper to buy at the expense of increasing the cost of all others. Enjoy Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion only on Ninja Kiwi
A cute game in which you must find the differences in the four levels. At each level of the eight differences that have to guess. Pay attention to every detail of the images and try to fit in time. If you fail you will be downgraded and if you choose well you will get 25 points. Demonstrate that you have good eyes and guess all the differences. Good Luck
Imprison and slaughter the terrorist gang known as the Legion of Red Wolves Break into their den to uncover hidden secrets about their future plans for terrorism. You must unleash a barrage of firepower while dodging their counterattacks. Search their entire hangout carefully
Ariana Grande the very famous and talented singer will have a great concert tonight in front of all her fans. She wants to look amazing for this great event of her career and she wants a professional makeup look. She requires great help for a glitzy look and you can help her. Are you ready to use your skills and help the singer look cute at the concert Dont waste any time and begin the game called Ariana Grande Real Makeup
You have joined this rally as Mario and you will have to race in your kart against your friends and try to leave them behind.
Make over Barbie before she walks her dog First you will design the hair and makeup for your blonde model. Then choose a lovely outfit in pink purple white and blue. Pose with a fluffy dog in Barbie and Puppy DressUp
Oh no Zombies came into the world of Mario The princess is in danger Mario Be quick Shoot them The world is depending on you
This girl doesnt know that the winter almost arrived. And she ask you to chose her some clothes for a walk. As you can understand she doesnt need something special but some nice clothes which best fit her.
Kick the soccer balls with perfect accuracy to score This free kick game gives you complete control over every shot. Use the trajectory lines to aim perfectly before kicking the ball. Set a high score to have your name printed in the newspaper
Pregnant Rapunzel needs your help in a new and fun doctor game She has to recover from an accident so hop on a beautiful and interesting journey and lets make Rapunzel feel better. Use the tools to get rid of the wounds and heal the fractures using the xray machine. After youve taken care of her Rapunzel and the baby will be all well and healthy again.
Eliminate terrorists from the perimeters of military territories Use your rapid gun skills and expert battle moves to slaughter opponents before they can bomb your base. Hunt down all enemy troops in the area. Clear hostile armies with speed and precision
In order to return to her magic land Twilight Sparkle has to be the prom queen and get that crown but she cant do that without having a real makeover. Apply the most delicious and healthy beauty masks with fruits to hydrate and clean up Twilights skin. The pony cute diva needs to look the prettiest of all so try on different types of makeup in the next stage and get ready for a big surprise In Canterlot High friendships are sacred so have fun picking up a cute hairdo and outfit for Twilight and her friends.
Scores goals with Neymar in the World Cup The famous soccer player is still injured but hes ready to play. You must kick or head the ball into the goal to score points. Wait for the pass and kick at the right time to send the ball past the goalkeeper
Elsas dealing with serious skin problems and she needs the best beautician in the kingdom of Arendelle Be the ice queens beauty expert in Elsa Real Cosmetics and get rid of all her skin issues caused by the cold weather. Heal her break outs make the wrinkles disappear and use soft masks for dry skin. Now that her face is flawless again its time to get crazy artistic with makeup. You can make thousands of combination and even recontour the queens face using a special technique.
The Mission is completely in your hands. The remaining comrades disappeared or were killed. You must fly the helicopter perfectly and use all the ammunition to win the war.
You can play Spongebob Escape 3 in your browser for free. Help SpongeBob and Patrick to collect all burgers and reach to the finish. Have Fun all the way in this funny adventure game
Tom and Angela are very much in love but they want to keep it a secret until they make their relationship official. Help the two adorable cats be sneaky and make out while the others arent looking. Every second is important so steal as many kisses as you can before time runs out and the purrfect couple will prove that love is the answer to all questions.
War began the enemy is ready to attack. The only device that you have left is a wellequipped helicopter. Try to avoid attacks and kill the enemies and then land the airline to complete the task.
You are in 1916 and you are a pilot of the French army. Fly in the war plane and destroy all enemy planes. When you have no fuel you must do an emergency landing at the airport and start a new defense mission. Launch bombs and shoot whatever comes your way.
A good aim and timing with the baseball ball will bring your team the wining of this game
Prepare a perfect date for Flynn and Rapunzel Decorating can be lots of fun you can show your creative skills and decorate a room just the way you like it. So lets choose all the furniture food drinks and all decorative elements at Fynsys restaurant especially for our heroes in love. Do your best and have fun
Play addictive beautiful classic solitaire TriPeaks in the tropical forest and show your card skills Challenge yourself in 20 levels with increasing difficulty. Remove all cards by selecting open cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower than the open card. Click on the stock to get a new open card. . The joker can be used for any card Good luck
Backyard Sports Games is a mini game which gives you all that. Playing this game of baseball is like playing baseball on a real stadium makes you feel like a real player. On the other hand if you are not an amateur and your skills does not need any improvement and you just do not want to get bored looking through other baseball games to play you will find this game the most interesting of all.Have fun on
Elsa is preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner in The kingdom of Alan Dale. As the queen she needs to look elegant and charming. Could you work as her hair stylist and give her a new haircut You should wash her hair cut curl or straighten them. You could even dye her hair and then add some cute thanksgiving accessories. Dont forget to give her a makeup and choose a beautiful gown Have fun
Shoot jets out of the sky in Sift Heads World 4 Launch missiles unload automatic rifles and unleash hell As the stickman assassin youll go on a full journey through the Arctic. Your life is on the line and you must kill your enemies before they kill you
You must keep the ball in the air as long to make as many points and move on to the next level
Baseball Espn is an american game that makes you feel like you are playing a real match of baseball . From other free baseball games online this game seems to be harder but things are not always what they appear.
You can play Nascar Racing 3 in your browser for free. Nascar Racing It is all about speed and skils.try to become first in every race.
Frozen princess Anna is going to join in a party in the evening please design a beautiful party dress for her.
Minions are one of the cutest characters these days. In this exclusive game Minion Birthday Cake you will have fun with them and also learn how to cook a delicious cake for the first time. There are several stages in the cooking process but you do not have to be a skilled chef to make miracles in the kitchen. Use the kitchen tools and mix the ingredients together to bake the four layers of cake. Do not forget to make a yummy cream for the topping in order to complete the minion looking cake. Have fun
You can play Class Kiss in your browser for free. Kiss your boyfriend in the classroom and avoid not to get caught by your classmate.
In this game you have to fly this aircraft with passengers. You have a plane available to train which will make takeoffs landings and special moves in the air such as to fuel the plane from another plane. But your job is very dangerous because any wrong move could collapse the plane. If you do lose control of the aircraft and can no longer recover catapult yourself and open your parachute.
Do you want to cook some cookies fast with no baking required In this game you will see how you can cook really delicious cookies very very fast.
Hunt the numbers hidden in the picture. Earn more score by finding them as quick as possible. Do not make any wrong clicks bcause it leads to decrease in your score. Finish all the five levels. Good Luck
Chase after speeding criminals in your armed police car You can fire an unlimited supply of bullets at the villains. Drive through gas canisters to ensure you have enough fuel to finish the ride. Steer around oil slicks and catch criminals in Ultimate Police Chase
Lead a team of elite snipers to save fellow troops Each member of Captain Millers Task Force is positioned in a unique location. In the first battle you must provide cover fire until support arrives. Try to earn completion and prestige bonuses in each mission
You can play Tank Truck Driver 2 in your browser for free. You are driver of the Tank Truck. Each time you get the task drive fast but safe to deliver petrol and oil to its destination point avoiding road accidents. Get maximum score points for delivering fast and safe.
Take off as soon as you have chosen war plane that arrived to face spacecraft from another planet to destroy mankind. Use missiles and special ammo to destroy all air and to be king in flight.
Barbara and her husband are very happy because they will have a baby But wait Barbaras belly looks very big for only one baby...Wow Doctor says that Barbara will have six kids What is wonderful news Help Barbara to take care about herself give her the right food make some exercises and other more. When the time will come you should take future mom to the doctor and help her to give a birth to six kids. Take a part in Barbaras family life and help them to become happier Enjoy the game
Shoot to survive in Assault Echelon This firstperson action game pits you against waves of enemy soldiers. You can fire a crossbow assault rifle and grenade launcher at the foes. Shoot from atop a skyscraper and knock helicopters out of the air
Saras cooking class has a special surprise for you. Today she will teach us how to make a red velvet cake. So follow her instructions step by step and you will learn a new delicious recipe. Depending on how fast and accurate you were you will receive a score and a good grade in the class.
We have a very nice game with animals for you. We are sure that in very short time you will love the little puppies of dog from this game. You should help this little dogs to arrive at her mother for be fed. They are very nice and you will love them.
You can play Iphone Makeover in your browser for free. Taking care of mobile phones is as important as health care. This game is dedicated to iphone lovers who love pampering their phones. Clean the mobile by dusting and cleaning it with mobile cleaner kit. Later customize your iphone with various covers and stickers.
You can play Police Test Driver in your browser for free. Become a police test driver and test a new police car this is a new type of car and it is fast You dont believe me Jump in and see it yourself.
Play this game and choose from an angelic wardrobe to dress up our girl. Make sure her clothes match the accessories and our angelic girl will look perfect
Pick up and deliver large containers with your crane This truck game challenges you to transport heavy boxes containing valuable goods. You must find the correct container and lift it with your crane. Then drop off the container at the marked spot
You can play Ben 10 Aliens Kill Zone in your browser for free. Ben 10 Aliens Kill Zone
The PX41 serum transformed the purple minions into Evil Minions and they became destructive mean and very hungry. One of them got mad on a yellow minion and started to hit him. The yellow minion got beaten and now he has to rush to the ER. At the emergency room you have to heal the minions wounds and help him recover as good as possible. Be a great emergency doctor and make the minion healthy again
Youre on a mission for the U.S. and will be the shooter the helicopter pilot or observer made available by the military army. Fulfill your mission regardless of what your position is for that mission.
In this game you are serving at a Fast food restaurant located in a crowded city. Many people come to you to buy food so you must be very handy and understand the orders and complete their demands. Otherwise they will not come again Have fun
Make a delicious omelette for your virtual family Follow the instructions from an actual recipe to jumpstart a good day. Cook a scrumptious breakfast complete with garnishes before time expires. You can serve the omelette with toast ketchup and sliced tomatoes
Take over Alonzos reinforcement and control the stickman assassin After a nearfatal car accident your character is ready to kill. Seek revenge on your enemy and find out whos trying to kill you Use a variety of lethal weapons and make them pay
Race motorcycles over pastures complete obstacle courses and set new records Outdoor Motor Trials puts barrels stones boulders and ramps in your path giving you the chance to show off your skills. Perform air tricks ride long wheelies and get ready to rock the mountains
Queen Elsa is teaching her daughter how to act like a princess and together they will go on a beauty adventure to discover what a real makeover is. Join the adorable duo in the salon and start the spa treatment. Pick a colorful makeup for Elsa and matching contact lenses with eyebrows for the cute girl. Choose elegant outfits and hairdos to finish the transformation and Elsas daughter will be ready to become a princess.
At the airport in Los Angeles Geez caught sight of Emily sitting in the waiting area. Then a beautiful love story began...
Change lanes in the blink of an eye to zoom past competitors Slotcar Mania features ultrafast races on 3D tracks in the house. You can control micro rally formula and super cars. Spin the Wheel of Chance for prizes and new powers
This game puts you in front of the gates of football. Try to shoot without goalkeeper catch the ball you have to make a lot of slick to fool the goalkeeper
You can play After Injury Pedicure in your browser for free. Emma got injured in her leg. She has to get ready for her birthday party in a month. She needs your help in first aid dressing and a wonderful pedicure. Give her good first aid treatment and wonderful manicure. Have fun.
You can play Lightning Mcqueen Car Wash in your browser for free. Lightning McQueen is going to race with other cars. But why is he still so dirty It will have bad influence on his racing. Lets wash him clean. So he can run for the champion Have fun.
You can play Zombie Takedown in your browser for free. Zombie Takedown is a First Person Shooter game. Its a zombie killing action game with lots of guns to upgrade like shotguns assault rifles machine guns sniper guns and many more. You get ingame weapons like time bombs grenades and c4 to explode the zombies.
In this great game you will learn how to cook a delicious fried chicken. Everybody thinks that is so simple to cook a fried chicken but actually if you want a tasty delicious fried chicken is not so simple.
You can play Pou Jump Adventure in your browser for free. Pou starts a great adventure.Pou must jump on the tree platforms and try to ghet to the top score high.Be careful not to fall or you will die and then you must start over again.Enjoy Pous adventure and have fun.
You are a personal trainer working for the best fitness gym in town. Take care of the clients and put them train the muscles they ask you to. Teach them the basics of fitness then take care of their workout schedule.
Kids club is an open restaurant where you are a waitress and you have to serve your customers. Place your customers to tables take their order prepare the food and drinks then serve them to customers.